State Of Lending and Mortgages in Canada

Tuesday, Nov 28, 2023

1:00pm – 2:30pm

Webinar – State Of Lending and Mortgages in Canada

A lot has changed over the last year and a half in the lending and mortgage industry. The Bank of Canada has raised interest rates a record ten times since March of 2022 which seems to have made an impact to rising inflation but what does that mean for the lending industry? What should we expect in the coming months and where do we see it going if rates continue to rise? What is the new norm for mortgage lenders? What’s the impact of to the changes to the cost of borrowing disclosure rate from 60% to 35%?

Join us on Tuesday November 28th for an informative session as we hear from leaders in the lending space.


Zohar Arif – Chief Operating Officer – LMC

Zohar Arif, the Chief Operating Officer at LMC, holds a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology from York University and completed postgraduate studies in Sociology at Seneca College. In her current role as COO, Zohar supervises a team of over 50 staff members and holds responsibility for overseeing all aspects of LMC’s sales, underwriting, customer service, and finance departments.
Prior to assuming the position of COO at LMC, Zohar gained valuable experience in credit counseling, where she provided expert guidance to both individuals and corporate organizations on effective debt management. She also assisted in determining suitable loan instruments and navigating through complex loan requirements. Impressively, she swiftly ascended the corporate ladder, progressing from a sales associate to the Head of Sales in just a few years. Zohar is known for her unwavering leadership and is dedicated to setting a stellar example for her colleagues.

Rachelle Gregory – Senior Vice President – MERIX Financial

As one of Paradigm’s first founding employees in 2005, Rachelle started in the Credit Center as an underwriter. With a keen eye for building and expanding broker relationships, she quickly found her passion in the Sales division, where she won numerous BDM awards and launched the inside sales team. Rachelle then returned to Paradigm Quest, leading the Eastern Credit Center and enhancing the broker experience.
In 2016, Rachelle became the EVP of Servicing and Homeowner experience, leading a team of over 130 people to improve post-funding experience groups at Paradigm. Rachelle also developed and launched the Broker/Homeowner Renewal Partnership Program, leading to historic retention levels for the organization.
Currently serving as SVP, Originations at MERIX, Rachelle oversees the National Sales Team for MERIX and Lendwise. Her overarching understanding of all aspects of the business complements her drive to enhance the broker experience.
As a mother of three, Rachelle has a passion for travel and giving back. She dedicates much of her free time to various causes, including leading a company team for over a decade to raise $240k for cancer research at the Princess Margaret Cancer Centre. Rachelle also chairs the Women in Mortgage Charity Golf Tournaments, which have raised over $260k for the Canadian Women’s Foundation and operate in Ontario and BC.

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