Canada & the Economic Outlook for 2017

Tuesday, Feb 7, 2017

5:00pm – 8:30pm

<strong>Canada & the Economic Outlook for 2017</strong>

Economic forecasts are one thing but every executive knows, that the best business plan will encompass market volatility.
This year’s presentation on the economy will highlight the interpretation on economic forecasts and how they can fluctuate.
The presentation will highlight what we can expect in the coming year, with particular emphasis on specific provinces and territories and the interrelationship against international competitors.
We will also have the opportunity to learn on what to expect, relative to the changes of a new administration in the USA.

<strong>Benjamin Tal</strong>
Mr. Tal is responsible for analyzing economic developments and their implications for North American fixed income, equity, foreign exchange and commodities markets. He also acts in an advisory capacity to bank officers on issues related to wealth management, household/corporate credit and risk.
Well-known for his ground-breaking published research on topics such as labour market dynamics, real estate, credit markets, international trade and business economic conditions, Mr. Tal not only contributes to the conversation but also frequently sets the agenda.
He has close to 20 years of experience in the private sector advising clients, industry leaders, corporate boards, trade associations and governments on economic and financial issues.
National and global media regularly seek him out for his insight and analysis on economic issues that impact financial markets, consumers, corporations and public policy. He is also a frequent lecturer in the economic programs of various Canadian universities.
Mr. Tal is a member of the Economic Committee of The Canadian Chamber of Commerce, The Economic Development Committee of the Toronto Board of Trade. He is also a member of board of Governors of Junior Achievement of Central Ontario, and a board member of the Toronto Financial Services Alliance.

<strong>Carlos Gomes</strong>
Carlos Gomes is a Senior Economist with Scotiabank. Carlos manages the Industry Research Group at Scotiabank Economics, and is responsible for covering the transportation sector, as well as providing in-depth analysis on several other industries. He works closely with Global Risk Management to assess the outlook for industries key to Scotiabank’s loan portfolio.
Carlos joined Scotiabank after receiving a Master degree from York University, and has been with Scotiabank for more than two decades. During his tenure at Scotiabank, Carlos also obtained a Chartered Financial Analyst designation.

<strong>Pablo Bréard</strong>
Pablo Bréard is a senior officer of Scotiabank. Pablo manages a team of professionals focused on global economics and country intelligence. He provides advice to senior executive management on economic, political and financial risk factors affecting Scotiabank’s global operations. Pablo coordinates the production and distribution of research documents on global economics and foreign exchange markets. He is also the Chief Latin American Economist and is responsible for Emerging Markets Intelligence. His position involves fundamental and technical sovereign risk analysis, institutional client development, international public speaking, frequent publishing of reports and extensive international traveling to support Scotiabank's global businesses. Pablo is a frequent contributor to the broadcast networks and print media specialized in global finance and emerging markets. Mr. Bréard completed the Executive Development Programme at the Wharton School of Business of the University of Pennsylvania (USA). He taught a course on “Latin American Finance & Economics” at the International MBA Programme of York University (Canada) for eight years.

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Event Location

Marriott Yorkville (check hotel display for the room)
90 Bloor St. East
Toronto, ON, M4W 1A7

Event Fees

CAD 130.00
CAD 95.00